Why The Central African Republic

Why is Three-Strands involved in the Central African Republic?

Actually it’s quite simple.

  • Most Central Africans are people of extreme poverty with incredible personal dignity
  • Three Strands has the ability to make lasting, life-saving differences
  • We in the West have tremendous financial and medical capacity
  • A little goes a very long way in the C.A.R.

Ramping Up Our Capacity

Some members of Three Strands have had the privilege of working in the Central African Republic since the late 1980s. Our involvement has convinced us that ramping up our capacity is critical to meet the ever-increasing needs of these wonderful, resilient people.

Central African health care workers have open hearts and open hands and we enjoy partnerships at a level rarely seen in the developed world. Central African patients are extremely appreciative of the services rendered to them and they shower us with warm handshakes, friendly smiles, and laughter in the midst of their poverty and daily hardship – gifts so valuable you have to experience them firsthand to fully understand the rewards they bring.

Many Life Changing Moments

We could share many life-changing moments but space will not allow, so we will tell you about two young women whose lives were saved. We have changed the names, but the stories are real and get to the heart of “Why”.

Rachel’s Story

Rachel was discovered in a hallway lying in a pool of fresh blood from her placenta abrupto.

Care was unavailable to her because an emergency team with supplies did not exist.

Our presence saved Rachel and her little baby.

In the picture to the left is her surgeon the following morning basking in the profound joy of saving two precious lives!

Rebekah’s Story

Rebekah who is albino is already a bit of a social outcast. Having been shuffled from provider to provider with severe abdominal pain, we discovered her three weeks post ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

She received her life saving surgery by a group of people that did not care that she was a penniless albino.

One year later, some members of that same team had the privilege of holding her little baby. That heart of appreciation and her warm smile were priceless.

Mike Taylor represents the team in the picture.

Like any developing nation, the Central African Republic is plagued with bad statistics.

  • Malaria takes a child’s life every 15 seconds
  • One out of every 5 children is dead before they are 5 years old
  • It is not unusual for a woman to labor in childbirth unattended by any sort of medical personnel for days and then suffer for a lifetime with debilitating childbirth injuries
  • Average life expectancy is currently 48 years
  • Only half the population has access to clean water
  • There is one physician for every 10,000 people and 4 nurses for every 10,000
  • Malaria is pandemic. Every person in the country contracts it at least once a year
  • In 2012, Doctors Without Borders declared the Central African Republic the second worst place on the planet for health care. They issued a report about the country called, “Central African Republic: A State of Silent Crisis” that outlines the magnitude of the health care crisis in this country of 4.4 million.

Making A Lasting Difference

While we have no illusions of solving all these problems, we know we can continue to make a lasting difference by providing a model of health care that has worked in many other impoverished countries. We will continue to bring volunteer medical teams to provide specialized care and surgeries that are otherwise unavailable, build a healthcare facility that can provide affordable care on a daily basis, and begin a program to train local people to become community health care workers in their villages.

Join Us To Change Lives

Join us and you too can make a difference in this place where so many people are suffering. The need is great, but so is our resolve. And with your help, lives can be forever changed.


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