Who is that Masked Man?

/ February 15th, 2020 / Comments Off on Who is that Masked Man?

It’s so exciting to watch our “kids” grow up! The masked man has grown from cute neighborhood kid to student to full-time Bangui Clinic team member. We’ve introduced you to him in previous posts and we’re delighted to bring you an update.
Jospin Feidanga wears many hats, errr, masks. He has trained long (3 years in Burkina Faso) and hard to be a nurse but also helps in the laboratory, surgery center and even in the waiting room checking patients in for their appointments. His heart’s desire is to train to be a physician specializing in trauma. To do so, he would need another 4 years of schooling, (his preference would be to study in Senegal.) He told us, “I like healthcare and I will sacrifice myself for that.”
Please pray for Jospin and all of our dedicated staff in the Central African Republic and Haiti. We are thankful for their passion and servant hearts.


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