Unsung Heroes

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Dibona Paul and his wife Denise have been serving the medical needs of their community for 20+ years. They are basically on call 24/7/365, and their home is an open door to anyone in need. Two years ago after extreme weight loss, Paul was worked up at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon and found to have a pulmonary tumor caused by a rare fungal infection. For two years prior to his diagnosis, Paul was unable to walk or work due to fatigue and shortness of breath. After a massive surgery removing 1/3 of his right lung, Paul has made a miraculous recovery and is back seeing patients full time and even able to operate (he is a general surgery PA).

Dibona Pics

Today, Paul is committed to serving his neighbors, students located at the M’baiki Bible Institute, Bangui Seminary, and the Fulani tribes people located in Bangui. Paul and Denise also service a full time malnutrition clinic in Bangui serving the most needy. The Dibona family is a shining example of Three Strands’ mission in the Central African region.

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