Three strands’ I-See Project

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One of our main precepts is to partner with nationals to provide competent & compassionate health care. Three Strands’ volunteer, Kathy Braidic will take that concept to a whole new level when she visits Bangui in November and she needs your help!

Our project goal

Train & equip nationals to provide glasses out of our Bangui Clinic. To do that, we must buy at least one I-See Kit at a cost of $950.

Your Donation

Will be applied toward the purchase of an I-SEE kit & the ongoing re-supply of glassi-see-200309x205es.

The I-SEE kit includes

  • Vision chart
  • Eyeglass repair/adjustment tools
  • Training materials to become a “Vision Enhancement Technician”
  • 200 pairs of sturdy, metal-framed glasses of various strengths

Kathy will be trained before she leaves and will in turn train our clinic staff while she is in Bangui.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could raise enough money to provide several kits and ongoing resupply of glasses for both of our clinics in Bangui and Haiti?

screen-shotClick here to donate to the I-See project. Be sure to enter you donation in the I-SEE Project box

Learn more about the I-See kit here.

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