Slightly different look…unwavering commitment

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A mere four years ago, Three Strands was born with the dream that we could be the beThree Strands Logo-01st provider of competent, compassionate, Christ-focused health care in the Central African Republic. This logo was the perfect depiction of our work in Africa…the continent, the cross, and three strands.

Little did we know the devastating earthquake of 2010 that struck Port au Prince would also send rumbles through Three Strands. I was asked to lead an emergency response team to Port au Prince just weeks after this tragedy. I was fortunate enough to meet a young medical student, Dr. T…a journey of friendship that has grown into a partnership.

With increased involvement on two continents we knew that our founding logo was no longer adequate to reflect our global commitment. It is with extreme pleasure that I present to you our new logo which truly reflects our mission, our values, and our global commitment.

Within the Final Three Strands Logo 2016-01new design of the Three Strands logo, we’ve maintained the concept of the three strands representing compassion, competence, and Christ-focused health care. We have the same cross in the center of our work. Now we have an unmarked globe to represent our desire to see our brand grow and be used in any part of the work where we feel God has called us to minister.

Slightly different look…but unwavering in our commitment to the least of these in some of the hardest places on the planet.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Taylor, PA, CEO – Three Strands

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