Ripple Effect

/ December 5th, 2018 / Comments Off on Ripple Effect

Rose Dibona – first row, hands folded

Each of our lives and choices has a ripple effect. This Christmas, we here at Three Strands want to celebrate our donors and how so many lives have been changed through their gifts.  Here is one example: In 2008, a couple in Indiana made a donation to help build a clinic in Bangui, Central African Republic. It took a leap of faith to build in an area rocked by civil unrest, but they knew that people there were dying from lack of health care. Another couple from South Carolina gave a gift to fund a local medical worker named Dibona Paul. The clinic was built and supplied with medicines. One of Dr. Dibona’s first patients was his own 2 year old daughter, Rose. She was dying from cerebral malaria. Her hemoglobin was so low that it was unmeasurable, and a high fever had rendered her comatose and convulsing. Dr. Dibona gave her a life-saving blood transfusion through her bone marrow with his own blood. He watched over her and gave thanks to God when her life was miraculously spared. Today, Rose is a wife, mother, and committed part of the medical team at that same Three Strands clinic. Now she is the one giving hope when there seems to be none. That’s her in the middle there with her hands folded. Thank you to each person who has chosen to let their life ripple out for good. Will you join us in mending the world, one life at a time? We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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