Precious in His Sight

/ October 4th, 2017 / Comments Off on Precious in His Sight

December 2017, Three Strands’ team member, Kathy Braidic traveled to our #BanguiClinic to teach clinic staff how to fit glasses. In just a few days, she taught clinic staff member, Polycarp to test clinic patients for near-sightedness, far-sightedness and reading glasses. Kathy told us that it was so exciting to see the change in clients when their vision was corrected. Sadly, she also saw a lot of cataracts that, unfortunately, we cannot fix:

I was so surprised at how many cataracts I saw.  Sometimes glasses would help, but most of the time not.  There were two people we saw in Gmocko that were particularly heartbreaking.  One young woman was completely blind.  A man who was maybe in his thirties was almost blind.  I asked Mike (Taylor) why we saw so much of it and he said it was the sun and the fact that they do not have access to sun glasses.  It’s such an easy thing to fix, but they have no access to the help they need to remove the cataracts so that they can live productive lives. ~ Kathy Braidic

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