Pray for Feindiri

/ March 1st, 2018 / Comments Off on Pray for Feindiri

I met Feindiri on a hot, humid Sunday in the Central African Republic in her village of Gomoko. I’d never seen a child with severe malnutrition before so I wasn’t at all prepared for the state of this sweet child. The first thing I noticed was her distended belly. Mike explained to our team that her belly and red-ish hair color were classic signs of malnutrition.  It wasn’t just that her stomach was distended, she looked like she felt absolutely miserable. As Mike Taylor gently examined her, Feindiri and I both held in our tears!

Since that time, Three Strands has established a satellite clinic in her village, Not only is Feindiri receiving treatment, her caregiver is learning how to provide better nutrition.

Dr. Paul recently sent an updated photo of Feindiri with this message:

Pray for the little Feiindiri of Gomoko. We have been taking care of for some time. Her condition was severe and life in her small village is difficult. She needs a lot of protein, vitamins and more to follow. We do what we can, the rest is up to God the Father.

Thank you for helping Feindiri and so many others in the Central African Republic and Haiti.

~ Brenda Artrip, TS volunteer & CAR team member 2016

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