philanthropy = love of humankind

/ June 8th, 2020 / Comments Off on philanthropy = love of humankind

We love working with our new CEO, Richard Klopp, and we thought you’d enjoy learning a bit more about him. In the month of June we will feature history, thoughts and insights from Rich. Here’s your first taste. When he described his faith and vocation for our board, he said:

My faith teaches me that I am primarily to see my place in this world as having been given grace. I interpret this as being “one who has received  philanthropy”. My duty and privilege is to now live my life as an extended act of re-gifting. I live in the world philanthropically because I have been given to philanthropically. Philanthropy = Love of Humankind.

In addition to his work with us (a part-time gig), Rich has served as Water for Good’s CEO, and still holds an active role with that organization as its Chief People Officer. Rich also consults with other nonprofits.

To learn more, keep an eye out on Three Strands’ socials in the coming weeks.

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