Opportunity Guidelines

Please read each point carefully.

I. Accountability

While on the field, each team member is accountable to, and under the leadership of the team leader or resident staff team leader. Any additional plans including meeting acquaintances, changes in itinerary or plans for ministry need to be made with the consent of the team leader. Let us help you plan wisely.

II. Health Issues

Physically prepared – You should discuss the advisability of the trip with your own health care provider. You need to be physically prepared for a lot of walking and stairs, different diets, normal travel stress (jet lag, etc.) in addition to the emotional drain of ministry in a different culture.

Health Care Facilities

Many other countries do not have the health care facilities we take for granted in the United States. In some areas to which we travel, what medical care is available may be many hours of travel away. Three Strands and its leaders will do everything possible in an emergency to manage and reduce risks. However, to participate in a Three Strands’ team is to accept the risks related to the differences in and lack of available medical care.


Three Strands will supply current information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control concerning recommended immunizations. You should also discuss this with your own health care provider.

Health and Release Forms

You will complete a health form. The information will be kept confidential and is not intended to prevent you from going. However, the team leader does need certain information in case of a medical emergency and may need to make recommendations concerning your preparation for the trip. You will receive release forms which all must be signed, notarized where requested and returned to Three Strands before departure.

III. Travel Issues

Passport – You will need a passport that is valid at least six months beyond the end of your trip. It can take up to 3 months to obtain a passport. Expediting it (at extra cost) can take up to 3 weeks. Three Strands will research what other visas or travel documents are needed and give you instructions should you need them. If you need help applying for a passport, contact our office.

Gateway City

The team often meets in a Gateway City (point in US where team may meet) to travel together. Three Strands will purchase tickets for the international portion of your trip. You may be responsible for planning and paying for your travel to the Gateway City.

Arrival and Departure Times

You are personally responsible for making your flights and connections. Double check arrival and departure times as well as what time you need to arrive at the airport. Three Strands team leaders cannot accept responsibility for missed flights either going to or coming from the field.

IV. Financial Issues

Support Amount – Your support amount is your share of the amount budgeted for your team’s ministry. This includes transportation, visas (if applicable), food, lodging and ministry expenses on the field.

Support Raising

You will have the opportunity of developing a support team. We can send you a document with ideas for how to approach friends, family and churches with the opportunity to join you in ministry through finances.

You are personally responsible to make sure Three Strands receives funds equal to your support amount. Donors (including you and your family) will receive receipts for tax purposes. The donor needs to be sure to indicate that the funds are for you. If a donor wishes to help you cover additional expenses, they are encouraged to give the money directly to you. These funds will not be tax deductible.

Sending Donations

Please have all donations sent to our donation service in California at the following address (we can give you preaddressed envelopes):

Three Strands
PO Box 753
Winona lake, in 46590

Financial Deadlines

$25 due at the time of application. This is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your support.
You will need to send us $500 before we can purchase an airline ticket for you. This is usually 2 -3 months before departure depending upon many factors. We will call you at that time.

One-half of the remainder of the support amount is due six weeks before departure. You do not have to have all the money in at that point, but you do need to see evidence that God will provide your finances before you leave. The total of the support amount is due two weeks before you leave.

Three Strands will send you regular reports detailing giving.
You are personally responsible for all costs incurred on your behalf by Three Strands including the cost of the airline ticket plus penalties incurred by Three Strands in canceling the ticket if you cannot go for any reason.

IRS Guidelines

In order to comply with IRS guidelines:
Three Strands can refund money to a donor ONLY if the whole project is cancelled.

We cannot return funds to a donor should more be given than needed. Please contact your potential donors to let them know when your support amount has been reached.

If the funds that you raised are greater than the support amount and all expenses for the team have been met, you can request reimbursement. The team member cannot designate the reallocation of funds raised in excess of the individual support amount.


Your requests for reimbursement will be considered only if you have raised more funds than the stated support amount and all the team expenses have been met.

Reimbursable expenses include travel to the gateway city, passport, shots, overseas medical insurance, film, film developing, support raising expenses, or any special outfitting for the trip.

Personal items such as cameras, clothing, toiletries, souvenirs, offerings given on the field, or spending money will not be reimbursed.

Receipts must be attached to your request for reimbursement which must be submitted to the Three Strands’ office no later than six weeks after your return. Request for reimbursement forms are available.

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