Operating On Faith

/ November 6th, 2018 / Comments Off on Operating On Faith

As we enter the month that, at least in the US, is synonymous with thankfulness, we at Three Strands have so much to be grateful for this year.

In just a few days (November 10th) a shipping container will leave the US bound for the long trek to the Central African Republic via a port in Cameroon. We’re sharing container space and cost with fellow Central African non-profit Water for Good and are sending supplies for the Surgical Center that we’re building as part of our Clinic in Bangui. Inside the container are several pieces of used equipment that will see new life in Africa. Used old school surgical beds that will be perfect for our clinic.  As well as a used slit lamp that will be used to treat eye diseases. This lamp was donated by our own Russ Woda. Many thanks Tom Farms (family business of TS Board Member Melinda Woda) who donated use of a truck and trailer so that Mike and Myra Taylor could haul the equipment to Ohio to be loaded into the container.


Thanks for praying for Dr. Dibona. He says he is feeling better and he’ll need even more prayer as he oversees the continued progress on the surgical center and coordinates getting the supplies to the clinic once they arrive in Bangui.

Here’s a few photos of the progress on the Surgical Center building in Bangui:


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