On the road with Three Strands

/ June 21st, 2018 / Comments Off on On the road with Three Strands

It’s extremely difficult to express the past two weeks in a few words or pictures, but I will say it has been a very eye-opening experience.  The people of the Central African Republic live such a hard life of poverty, sickness, and insecurity, and yet still find joy in many ways. In contrast to Africa, France was filled with people who seemed to be so focused on getting to the next place that they never stopped to appreciate the little things. One of the many things I have learned through this trip is that despite hardships in life, language barriers, or busy schedules, we are to be a reflection of Christ to others around us. One day, the things that cause chaos or create barriers will no longer matter because those who have accepted Christ will be in Heaven worshiping the same God in the same tongue for all of eternity.

Lauren Starrett (second from left)
Three Strands’ Bangui Team Member June 2018


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