Nothin’ but net!

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In their 2015 Operational Highlights report, Doctors Without Borders said:

Malaria remains a major killer (in CAR) taking the greatest toll on children below the age of five. The protracted conflict and displacement, lack of resources, and (lack of) access to basic health care are the biggest obstacles to fighting malaria in CAR.

residents waiting

Local residents prepare for mosquito net distribution at the Three Strands’ Clinic

Mike Taylor, in collaboration with Academy Of Physician Assistants (AAPA), and Dr. Paul Dibona launched an initiative to decrease incidence of malaria in the region where we work in Bangui. We formed a team to survey of 400 families in the community where our Three Strands’ clinic is located.  This week, we purchased and distributed 400 mosquito nets. Anyone who received a net will get free care from Three Strands’ Clinic for malaria symptoms.

mosquito nets purchased 1 (1)

mosquito nets purchased in bulk in Bangui



Our hope is that prevention with the net and immediate treatment will decrease the number of malaria cases and the severity of the disease in those that get it.


Sweet little beneficiaries of this project 1

Sweet little beneficiaries of this project




The most amazing thing about this project is that Bangui continues to experience severe sectarian violence, yet our team was able to follow through with local residents. It is a testimony to their tenacity and commitment to health care!


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