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Several years ago, Dr. Paul fell ill — gravely ill.  It took a lot of time, prayer, patience, perseverance and medical care before he was strong, healthy and able to work again.  It was during his illness that friends of Three Strands gave Dr. Paul a moto.  You may have read that Three Strands recently purchased a much needed replacement for this well loved, well used moto.  However, you never heard the story of hope and healing brought about by his first moto…

Dr. Paul told us that he was weak, sick and somewhat despondent at various times through his long illness.  He told us that the gift of the moto (when he was still too weak to use it) showed him the faith that we had in him.  He would lay on his sick bed and look at the moto and realize just how much we and his brothers and sisters in Bangui were counting on him, cheering for him and praying for him.  Each time he looked at the moto, he thought about work that God would have for him to do when he got well. 

When …  he … got … well …

Those thoughts brought hope in a situation of fear, disappointment and, yes, some discouragement.  

Fast forward to 2015.  God has preserved Dr. Paul’s life. He had so much work for him to do that he wore out that original moto and is now on to moto number 2.  Thank you for being a part of our ministry as we work together to provide hope and healing through whatever means God chooses to use!

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