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I’d like to introduce to you Leah who is a first year PA student in Georgia.  Myra and I met Leah at a medical missions conference and we have been impressed with her desires to serve God and to one day use her medical skills to help the less fortunate.  Three Strands is proud to share Leah’s blog posts on our blog.  Enjoy her first!


Fear and Missions:

I have to be honest.  Sometimes I worry that if I allow myself to really feel any strong God-given heartbreak that I might actually have to act on it.  I can go to conferences and come up with strategies for missions until I am blue in the face, but I have found that I am not actually fully surrendered and typically hide behind the illusion of my own self-control.  I fear the strength of my own emotions towards the lack of quality medical care in the CAR and have not allowed the Lord to fully break me.

Soren Kierkegaard talks about fear and says that:

1. Fear occurs when the human spirit is afraid of itself

2. Fear is often a substitute for guilt

3. Guilt always results in an inhibition of love

In order to love the nations and love the people Three Strands serves in the CAR, I need to allow the Lord to swell up in my heart and break it.  Whatever you feel the Lord stirring in your heart, ask him to increase it; to increase the knowledge of his wisdom in how to make a difference, but also to allow your heart to be even more broken for it.  Your soul is like a pot waiting to be stirred to vibrant colors.  Will you allow him?


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