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/ March 5th, 2013 / Comments Off on Leah’s Blog

This week, I learned about two-way journaling.  Basically, you write down your praises, thoughts, prayers, and requests unto the Lord on one page, and on the next, record what His responses are.  Most of the time I think I am waiting for the Lord, but really I ask a bunch of vague questions to the air and don’t really download any real answers.  So, I tried it for the first time and asked, “What do you desire for me to be focusing on for the next two months until PA school starts?”  I felt like the Lord was saying that the harvest is ready in my town.  That the community has been pumped full of knowledge, but to really reap, we must be investing in one on one relationship.  So, as I wind down my time in the classic city, I will begin to intentionally do life with all of the characters I’ve met here.  The Lord is saying that there is work to be done.  It’s much easier to chill with the bf or best friends, but true love is surrendering myself, and my transition time, to intentionally investing in others.

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