Mike & Myra Taylor

Mike & Myra Taylor

In the late 1970’s, Mike Taylor and Russ Woda became friends at a small liberal arts college in northern Indiana.  After college, Mike went to PA school at the Medical University of South Carolina where he met Myra in her third year of nursing school.

Russ married Melinda shortly after college and went off to Ohio University where he became a doctor. Russ and Melinda settled in Ohio while Mike and Myra married and put down roots in South Carolina.

In 1989, Mike and Myra felt a call on their lives to move to a country with great need, the Central African Republic (CAR). Mike quit his family practice job and with daughters Rachel and Rebekah, they arrived in the CAR on the 5th of July 1989.

While living and serving in two remote villages, they soon fell in love with the people of the CAR.   In 1991, daughter Kristen was born.

 Russ & Melinda Woda

Russ & Melinda Woda

Although an ocean separated them, the college friendship remained strong.  In 1995, Russ and Melinda agreed to travel to the CAR to help deliver Mike and Myra’s fourth daughter. While they were
en route, Joanna made an early appearance.  During their stay, Russ and Melinda who had helped support Mike and Myra, saw the incredible need and came to love the tenacity and heart of the people of the CAR.

In 1998 Mike and Myra moved back to the USA
to work in mission administration and raise their daughters through their high school and college years.  From 1998 to the present, Mike and Myra have continued to faithfully support and encourage Central African medical work through financial assistance, training, and short-term medical
and surgical teams.

In 2008, Russ and Mike returned to the CAR with an armada of health care providers including doctors, PAs, nurses, support staff, and medical supplies. Medical teams returned in 2010 and 2011.  While those trips were a huge success as they poured into the lives of hundreds of people, the needs are far too great for ten day forays into the CAR.  Too many people were left behind in desperate need of medical and surgical care.

Our Vision

Three Strands is now supplying daily health care through permanent full time clinics in both Haiti and the Central African Republic. These clinics are supported through your donations and the expertise of short term medical relief teams.

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