Contagious Happiness

/ December 8th, 2017 / Comments Off on Contagious Happiness

I am Alyssa Downey and I had the pleasure of traveling to Bangui, C.A.R. with a small, short-term Three Strands team (Michael Taylor, Bill Kabakjian, and Matt Kabakjian.) I come from Lincoln, Nebraska where I am pursing my life long dream of becoming a Physician Assistant. I decided to travel with Three Strands because of what the three strands mean: care with compassion, provide competent care, and Christ focused. While in Central Africa I learned more than I could imagine about a different culture, how the love of Jesus Christ is transforming so many lives, and the power of prayer.

My favorite day during our trip to Bangui was Sunday; this is when I experienced contagious happiness. During church it seemed as if the harsh environment that these people live in was no longer apparent. There, church was a safe haven, where God was their focus. The congregation, including the choir, was roughly 40 to 50 people who loved God and loved each other, there was so much dancing and hollering in rejoices to our Creator. It was truly amazing to see the happiness in their eyes and the way they would dance.

I have always had the passion to help and care for others, God provided me with this opportunity to share my passion in Bangui. The first day in the Three Strands clinic started with prayer, and discussion about how far patients had come to receive medical attention (this was quite astonishing how many hospitals they would walk past to come to our clinic).  The reputation of Three Strands clinic is growing, and to be able to be a part of this is so humbling. Through Three Strands I gained experience in medicine that is incomparable to any opportunity I have had.

I want to thank the Three Strands organization, Mike and Myra Taylor, Bill and Matt Kabakjian, my family and gracious donors, but above all I want to thank God for presenting me with this opportunity to be a disciple and spread his word throughout his Kingdom.

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