2017 Three Strands’ Team Dates Announced

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Have you watch the impact of Three Strands’ teams this year & wished you were there?

It’s your turn! Trip dates for 2017 have been determined.

January 30-February 10 – Central African Republic

March 11-18 – Haiti

April 29-6 May – Haiti

June 5-16 – Central African Republic

September 2-9 – Haiti

October 23-November 3 – Central African Republic

November 4-11 – Haiti

Did I just hear you say, “I could never do that?”! Maybe you can’t but God CAN. Check out some quotes from recent team members…

IMG_8554I loved every minute of it!! Not that it was always easy….there were definitely moments outside of my comfort zone. Dancing in a circle with people I didn’t know, apparently celebrating firewood for instance. But I learned so much about God and myself from all of the things I experienced. He IS big enough for all situations!! And I really can do things that are uncomfortable through Him! It was amazing the number of times we heard stories or saw things happen that were clearly the Hand of the Lord. The love and joy that I saw in the children and people like Dr. Dibona and his wife and daughters was amazing! They made me feel so welcome and appreciated. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go and I can’t wait to go back!! ~ Emily, Central African Republic


beth in haiti edit

This is my fourth trip to Haiti with Three Strands and Caribbean Vision Ministries (CVM). Each time I go, I solicit donations from my very giving and generous church, Brookville Grace Brethren. This particular trip I decided to announce my travel plans to my Respiratory Therapy Students. I was shocked at the outpouring of medicine they started bringing in. Soon my friend and medical director also got involved by giving me prescription medication and inhalers. God continues to show me His love for us and how He provides. While we will see 200-300 patients this coming week, my prayer has been that there will be eternal value. Anyone can relieve some physical pain and suffering but only God can offer eternal security. What a blessing it will be, at Easter, to share the story of Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. ~ Beth, Haiti

IMG_9160 square


I feel so full since I got back from Africa. I miss being there and can’t wait to see when God will allow me to go back. I felt so welcome in Africa and I felt so needed while I was there. I was so blessed by all the stories people shared with us about their lives, health issues and concerns. I saw things that just shouted God’s name because no human hands could ever have done the amazing things that I saw. ~ Michaela, Central African Republic


editAt the end of the week, we had a single mom of three adorable little girls come back to the clinic for a recheck. She herself had an eye issue and could only see clearly out of one eye. Her toddler daughter has some serious health issues going on as well. After her exam, she had her two older girls hand a slip of paper to Jessica Martin, Beth (a teammate from Ohio), and me. In broken but neat English, she had written her sincere thanks for our being there all week. It brought tears to my eyes and it reminded me of the Bible story of the ten lepers (Luke 17). One came back to give thanks after being healed.

I don’t know if God will heal her eye or her daughter but I do know that He heard every single prayer from that week. I do know that giving of yourself makes a difference in another person’s life, no matter where you are. I do know that we all need love. From Michel, the 85 year old man still thinking about accepting Jesus, to the young man who accepted Christ on Friday, all were impacted by this team. And God has all of us in His hand, waiting to use us at the right time. ~ Shelly, Haiti

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